Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sibling vote deal amended! Hillary gets my vote

This just in!

My previous post was about how my sister, a North Carolina resident and avid Bernie Sander’s backer, was strongly considering writing in Bernie’s name on her North Carolina ballot.

I offered a swap. The deal was that she’d vote in the Tar Heel State, a crucial “swing state,” for Hillary if I would write in Bernie here in Oregon, a solid Blue state, on her behalf. I was previously intending to vote for Hillary here.

But events of the past week, including Trump’s saying he may not accept the results of the November 8 election, have convinced her that the strongest anti-Trump message needs to be sent at the polls — everywhere.

My sister and I have agreed that Hillary Clinton, for all her weaknesses, should receive every vote possible, including hers and mine.

In short, I just mailed in my Oregon ballot, casting my vote for Hillary. My sister vows to vote for Hillary too.

Note to Hillary: Never again do I want to find myself voting primarily AGAINST a candidate, rather than FOR one. Four years hence, Hillary, give us more — many more — reasons to vote for you than the fact that your opponent is deranged, dangerous demagogue.

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