Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A losing Trump will declare victory and quit

Putting aside how high the stakes of the Republican presidential nomination race are, I find that trying to read the mind and psyche (to say nothing of the popularity) of one Donald Trump is an intriguing puzzle.

In recent days I’ve concluded that Trump will drop out of the contest…and soon.

Consider his recent pleading with Iowa voters to return him to the top of the Republican Caucus polls in the Hawkeye state.

Trump reportedly feeds polls, but his portion of the numbers is dwindling. He’s beginning to starve for political popularity.

In his plea to Iowa Republicans, he, in full egotistical fervor, doesn’t continence that he, The Donald, may himself be doing something wrong, No, he blames Republicans who now prefer the mild-mannered Ben Carson to the petulant, mercurial Trump.

Accusations do not win votes.

Blaming “the other” not withstanding, Trump must sense that he could be — gasp!— a LOSER. That must be a nightmare scenario. Trump’s oft-repeated label for those he deplores is “loser.”

So imagine the shock of the narcissistic Trump’s looking in the mirror of polled public opinion and suddenly seeing a loser.

His answer has to be to blame the mirror, both it (the polls) and what it reflects (purportedly voter sentiment).

Which gets us to why Trump will certainly drop out. Rather that be stuck with the loser label, he will want to do what leaders of losing causes frequently do: declare victory and quit.

Somewhere he’ll find a new mirror with a new image that distorts his self-absorption to his liking.

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