Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque-Gate on the Move....

Does anyone doubt that “Mosque-Gate” will proceed as follows?

First we oppose mosques two blocks from “sacred” “Ground Zero,” then we oppose mosques in “grief-stricken” New York City, then we oppose mosques near “vulnerable” air corridors (remember the martyred passengers and crews on four jetliners?), then we oppose mosques in “freedom-loving” America — from sea to shining sea.

And at some point — bet on it — “oppose” will become “outlaw.”

The outright mosque ban will no doubt begin with Harry Reid, Democratic majority leader of the U.S. Senate. Pandering to rising xenophobia, Reid, who is up for election in Nevada, has come out against the construction of a mosque so close to the Twin Tower site.

He thinks it should be built somewhere else.

How about on the Las Vegas Strip?

Bad idea. See above.

Speaking of the Strip, what Reid should really do is ban "prudish" Christian churches in "fun-loving" Las Vegas. Let's face it, churches (and mosques for that matter) imperil a robust job-creating economy built on good ole legalized gambling, prostitution and ostentation.

I mean REALLY! What will these Christians and Muslims do next?

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