Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Calling for help

Of all the trans-Gulf of Mexico ironies that link the Republican convention in Tampa and Isaac’s destruction in New Orleans, one stands out and illuminates conservative myth and the plight of this nation.

After the hurricane finally passes through leaving wrecked homes and devastated businesses, flooded neighborhoods and ruined roads, vulnerable communities and a and destroyed schools and hospitals, who will be called upon to provide assistance?

The government, that’s who.

The very government that the resurgent Republican right wing wants to “drown in the bathtub.”

Meanwhile there’s all this water in New Orleans to clean up.

You’ve perhaps seen the photo of Mitt Romney backed by business owners wearing t-shirts emblazoned with “Government didn’t build my business. I did.”

Oh really?

Ever hire someone who learned to read in school? Perhaps you yourselves attended a few classes? Ever have goods arrive by a truck that has used the public roads? Ever rely on an interstate highway? Ever depend on a cop to patrol the commercial area?

When you turn on the tap and water flows out or when you flush the toilet and ... well never mind ... you get the picture.

And what about the protections provided by the military, bloated as it is?

And what have unregulated businesses brought you? If Isaac is yet another “extreme weather event” in the Global Warming destruction of the planet, where will the blame lie as the Earth becomes less and less habitable and your business tanks?

You could start with the oil lobbyists and Wall Street financiers picking up the tab in Tampa.

If the government is at fault, it’s because it hasn’t done enough. And it hasn’t done enough — and will do even less under the Republicans — because it has been taken over by British Petroleum, Exxon/Mobil, Chase Bank and countless global financial and commercial interests.

I suggest that when the Republican convention adjourns Thursday, the delegates cruise across the Gulf to witness what their handiwork has wrought. And when they call for help, let them note whom they are calling.

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