Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who are those guys?

You could feel this one coming. The Romney bit about the 47 percent delivered to fellow multimillionaires.

Here’s a man who:

• admits he enjoys firing people.

• mysteriously refuses to make public more than two years of tax returns even as he accuses nearly half of us of not paying taxes.

• builds a mansion with elevators...for his cars.

• unblinkingly and in full public view offers $10,000 bets with fellow politicians. (Mormons like Mr. Romney, by the way, are forbidden to gamble, but never mind....)

• portrays his wife’s owning “a couple of Caddies” as a sign of patriotism and modesty. At least she doesn’t own a half dozen Roll Royces....that we know of.

If nothing else, this campaign has given the voters insight into the perspective and values of the isolated and insulated rich who so heartily back Romney and share his views.

Just who are these people? We are finding out, thanks to Romney and his candor.

But there’s more. We have another 50 days of campaigning and three debates to learn about this cozy culture of one per-centers who think so little of us and so much of themselves.

Pay attention, and don’t forget to vote.

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