Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tax inequity, thy name is Mitt Romney

The Occupy Movement can take political credit for Mitt Romney’s unpopularity with large numbers of voting Republicans.

Romney, whose worth is put at some $250 million, not only is, but acts like, a One Per-center.

No need to list his “Let them land in the safety net” gaffes, starting with his proffering a $10,000 bet (ironically to Rick Santorum, now his resurgent challenger.)

Most recently Romney shared that he’s not worried about the poor because the “safety net” is working. The evidence that the net is full of holes stands at every freeway on-ramp where the homeless beg for handouts.

The lumpen on the Republican Right are understandably not amused. They are no longer besotted by the glories of capitalism. Imagine a conservative Republican attacking “vulture capitalism." The term comes from Santorum, Now he too is reliant on big money donors whose wealth resides in stock market dealing. One in particular is Foster Friess, who also mixes Christian "prosperity" evangelism in with his political support.

Curiously, the term "vulture capitalism" might have come right out of the Occupy lexicon.

Populist Republicans may also be catching on that there’s a connection between over-the-top wealth and controlling the government. What we have, it has been noted, is socialism by and for the rich.

(Many of us maintain that’s true no matter which party is in power.)

The political press has woefully failed to scratch the surface with Romney regarding his views on taxation. The press seems happy to transcribe Romney's self-righteously saying, “I paid what I owed and not a cent more.” He paid at a federal tax rate of 13.9 percent last year.

Has he ever been asked whether what he paid was fair? Never mind its legality. As president would he push to change the tax code to get rid of the inequities that have served him so well and the rest of us unfairly?

And if not, why not?

Those are questions Left and Right can agree need to be asked — and answered.

Romney needs to be reminded that for every cent of taxes he doesn’t pay under the current “legal” system, someone else (you? me? The average voter?) legally must.

No wonder this guy is in trouble politically. If anything he owes us. The gall of asking for our votes!

And who is supporting him? The “establishment” Republican One Percent through their secret mega-campaign PACs. Wonder why....

Before the next primary, and certainly before the Republican convention, reporters must put the tax reform question to Romney. The largest possible audience should hear his answer.

Voters of all persuasions are getting to know this issue well, thanks to the Occupy movement.

Now it has become personified. Its name is Mitt Romney.

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Rhythms and Repetitions

My brother-in-law, Rick Moskowitz, who lives in New Zealand, has an eye for things repetitive and rhythmic. Most of these images are about linkages — bridges and stairs.

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