Friday, November 16, 2012

How God decided the 2012 election

You can find all kinds of explanations for the outcome of the 2012 presidential election, but here’s one you probably haven't considered...


Or to be more exact, some self-proclaimed Christians’ vision of God and God’s “creation” and “creations.”

And so we ask, is the child of a rapist “God’s gift”? Ask a rape victim. Or just ask a woman.

The second part has to do with God’s somehow endowing women with the miraculous, innate ability to end a pregnancy if they don’t want to bear a child that results from “legitimate” rape (whatever that is).

This sounds vaguely like a reverse variation of the virgin birth.

Here we have a bit of pseudoscience created by blind religious belief. But the fantasy doesn’t stop there.

Let’s move on to origin and nature of the planet (think creationism), science and global warming. The Fundamentalist’s pseudo-science argues that global warming is nothing more than a hoax ginned up by greedy scientists to attract grant money.

Hurricane Sandy (and other climate changes) put the lie to that notion. The massive storm couldn’t be explained away as the product of scientific greed (although it might be  related to the greed of millionaire oil industry executives).

But wait. You could argue that none of the above made a whit of political difference. Romney went on to win Missouri and Indiana, where Senate candidates self-destructed over the rape/abortion issue. No loss to Romney. The damage was limited to a couple of Senate seats that didn’t go the GOP’s way.

And Hurricane Sandy pummeled states that were going for Obama anyway. Again, nothing changed except perhaps Chris Christie.

Don’t believe it. The rest of us were paying attention. The glaring ignorance of the Religious Right rubbed off on Romney and the Republican Party. Both continued to happily embrace the support of God-fearing and deluded right-wing Christians.

They still do.

And so folks around the country, significantly in states like Colorado, Ohio and Florida, asked: Are these really the kinds of folks we want calling the shots in Washington?

No way.

The Republicans' problem now is that the electorate's judgement will be the same four years hence.

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