Monday, January 11, 2016

Asking Democrats a question usually aimed at Republicans

For the past 30 years, political pundits have wondered why working-class Republicans vote against their own interests. For their GOP backing they get “trickle-down” economics that never trickles down, cuts in social services, lay-offs as jobs go overseas, a rigged tax system benefiting the wealthy, and war, endless war, etc.

Now the same can be asked of Democratic voters supporting Hillary Clinton.

It’s easy to see where Clinton’s loyalties lie. Just look where her money comes from. Those mega donations from anonymous PACs and from the super-rich will call the shots in her administration.

The “little money” is going to Bernie Sanders for obvious reasons. He’s a populist in the best sense of the word. He’s not afraid to talk about inequality and a rigged and corrupt political/financial system.

So why is Clinton considered the odds-on favorite to win the nominations…at this point in the campaign?

Primarily because the media are creating an environment of inevitability about her success. And why would they do that? Because the power brokers, who buy ads that keep media fat, happy and blind, back Hillary, their protector. Indeed, much of the media is owned by those same power brokers.

Last year I watched Clinton quietly breeze into this city for a day and head straight for the blue-stocking, gated community of Dunthorpe. No visits to daycare centers, women’s shelters or pediatric wards. Hillary held a reception in a mansion and raked in a few hundred grand from Portland’s richest. And then she left, headed for LA. and you know who.

Just days later, Sanders rented the biggest hall he could find here, the MODA basketball stadium, and filled it to overflowing. The crowd count was 28,000. The donations were pocket change compared to the checks written in Dunthorpe for Hillary.

Then consider those six-figure speaking fees that Clinton gathers from corporate lobbyists interested in having her in their pockets. And what about the mega-donations the morally-challenged Saudi Royal Family funnels into the Clinton Foundation?

What’s the pay-off? Vote for Hillary and you’ll find out.

Meanwhile Sanders wants to break up the “Too Big to Fail” banks to avoid yet another financial meltdown and taxpayer bailout. He calls for affordable higher education and universal health care. He wants to put people to work HERE in decent paying jobs that will repair and improve our infrastructure.

So the question is the same for Democrats as for Republicans in this election year. Will you vote to solve pressing societal interests or to continue and expand welfare for the rich?

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