Thursday, October 26, 2006

From a Hillsdale walk

I took several photos from an hour's walk up the hill behind our house.

Leaves, paths, trees, even a water tank attracted the lens.

My eye was drawn to expected images. Leaves mostly. Trembling above and moldering below. They were caught in the mid-afternoon's light, framed against the shadows. The foliage attracts attention in the splendor of its demise. We are drawn to it as much as it beckons.

The occasional oddity caught my eye. The light on a water tank showed off its patina. A ladder cast a shadow over its expanse.

A massive maple's trunk revealed a microcosm of lichen, moss and bark.

My ambling, the coolness and the season united them all. It's the height of autumn now.

The sun catches the yellows, oranges and greens. Soon a Pacific storm should change our world again, scattering the leaves and carpeting forest and path.

Soon, our lush, vibrant hills will be stripped down to rhythm and counterpoint of twig, branch and trunk.