Saturday, February 18, 2017

‘Enemy of the People’ wants to meet with Trump’s ‘finely tuned machine’

At his press conference on Thursday, President Trump made two assertions. I want to test both.

Assertion 1 was that my fellow journalists and I are “enemies of the people.”

Assertion 2 was that his administration is running like a “finely tuned machine.”

If the president believes that I am an enemy to the American people, I demand that his “finely tuned machine” immediately arrest me before I cause any irreparable damage to the my fellow Americans.

If I am not arrested, or at least questioned, in the next week, perhaps some representative in the president’s finely tuned machine can tell me were I can turn myself in so that “the people” will be safe again.

Mr. President, I look forward to talking with one of your representatives about my allegedly criminal behavior.

I will pack my toothbrush.

If nothing happens in the next week, I will assume that both assertions are lies, and that, accordingly, the real enemy of the people is you, Mr. President. In which case, I demand that you turn yourself in. Frankly, I'd settle for a simple resignation.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump: Our Homework Assignment

You can credit the President Trump for one thing: He's put us back to work...fighting him.

If only we could bill the billionaire bilker and his plutocrat friends for our labors.

Unfortunately, we are paying taxes to him (He-who-does-not-pay)...and them. April 15 will be its own "Day of Infamy."

We should be sending the Trump and the plutocrats a bill in the form of steeply progressive taxes to correct the shameful inequality that is to blame for so many of our problems.

Here in our part of Portland, a rapidly growing volunteer group has set out to help maintain stability in our public schools. There, thousands of immigrant and minority students (and their families) are vulnerable to Federal arrest, possible deportation and/or worse.

I fear we are but one terrorist attack, or Bannon-inspired agent provocateur attack, away Armageddon.

Meanwhile, back in the world of the old "normalcy," these same students are expected to put fear aside and do their own work: Homework.

In the new Trumpian world, we have our own "homework" to do. Our "home" is a shambles. Frankly, it has been for years. We have been grossly neglectful.

A reminder: when were you ever paid for homework? The price you pay is for not doing it or doing it poorly.

And the payment for cleaning our house of Trump and his ilk, is called FREEDOM. The price, as always, is sacrifice.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump's delusions are non-partisan grounds for impeaching him.

Today I concluded that the only way we can avoid catastrophe here and abroad is to impeach Donald Trump on the grounds that he is unfit for the office of the presidency.

This is not a partisan issue. Forget Trump's conflicts of interests etc.

And forget your own worthy causes, even the ones Trump supports.

Trump's unfitness is caused by mental illness, plain and simple. He is, in a word, delusional (to say nothing of being a pathological narcissist, sexual predator and liar).

His delusions have spread to his enabling closest advisers, whose moral immune systems have been suppressed by their own lust for power.

I wish I could say this were a metaphor, but it is literally true, Alas, there are no Trumpian “alternative” truths. Ask any mental health professional.

Regardless of where we stand on the issues, we have a patriotic duty to be laser focused on impeaching a President dangerously unfit for office by virtue of his mental illness.

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Sunday, January 08, 2017

My quest for sane adults in Congress

In this time of national need, I have recently embarked on a search for sane adults in Congress.

The logical place to look seemed to be among the dozens of Congressional caucuses.

In particular I was looking for a few legislators devoted to adult, sane, non-partisan behavior.

The Senate, I have learned, has no caucuses at all. In the upper house, gatherings of like-minded solons are called “coalitions.”

So let’s mine the lode of caucuses in the “People’s Chamber” in our quest for sane adult nuggets.

The Wikipedia entries were instructive but not particularly reassuring. Vis.

There were the predictable “single-issue” caucuses. So we have “The Atlantic Offshore Energy Caucus,” and the “Carbonated and Non-alcoholic Caucus,” the “Direct Selling Caucus,” the “Electromagnetic Caucus,” the “Cut Flower Caucus” and the “Hockey Caucus.” There’s even a “Baby Caucus,” which is bracketed alphabetically by the “Azerbaijan Caucus” and the “Bangladesh Caucus,” which itself is followed “The Baseball Caucus” and “The Battlefield Caucus.”

As Dave Barry would say, I am NOT making this up.

If this swarm of caucuses are anything more than accounts for campaign contributions. it’s a wonder that Congress gets anything done at all.

Here’s the closest I could come to a caucus for adult sanity:

Congress has three mental health caucuses. The generic “Mental Health Caucus,” the “Men’s Mental Health Caucus” (particularly useful in weighing Trump cabinet nominees and Trump himself) and the “Military Mental Health Caucus” (also known to insensitive, politically incorrect wags as the “Catch-22 Caucus.”)

There is also the timely “Sexual Assault Prevention Caucus” and the “Caucus to End Bullying.”  In a just, sane and adult world, much needed presidential impeachment initiatives would emerge from these groups.

Other promising groups are the “Problem Solvers Caucus” “the Peacekeeping Caucus,” “the Innovation and Human Condition Caucus,” (“innovative” hacking alert!} and, the “Invasive Species Caucus” including, one would hope, invasive species of the human kind.

One obvious problem exposed by my research is a lack of focus. Accordingly I’m recommending an emergency consolidation of some of these groups into the “Sane, adult legislators caucus.”

I predict it will be a small group, but you have to begin somewhere — and FAST!

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