Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Rock and the Shock Jock

I hate to say it because campaigns should be about issues, but this election is coming down to a choice between a political shock jock and rock-solid leader.

Any doubt which is which?

Just in case you haven't been paying attention ....

First McCain put Sarah Palin, a political T-baller, in the on-deck circle of the World Series; then he called for the firing of Christopher Cox, the SEC chair; then he blamed the economic meltdown on, of all people, Barack Obama (presumably the SEC chair was a co-conspirator); and now he has walked away from a nationally televised presidential debate just when the nation needs it most.

What next?

If you can believe the polls (that’s a big “if”), the electorate is finally getting the message: In unstable times, the last thing we need is an unpredictable, loose-cannon president.

Voters are looking for rock-solid answers and leadership, and Obama, especially compared to McCain, is emerging as an anchor of stability and sanity in these turbulent times.

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