Monday, September 15, 2008

Two views from abroad

One of the many joys in my life is hearing from former students. Some, like Stanislaus O’bul, go back more than 40 years to when I was a Peace Corps teacher in remote western Kenya.

Stanislaus lives in his native Sudan where he has managed to survive the country’s turmoil through a number of managerial jobs. He recently wrote to say that he is looking for work as an English teacher.

Lizi Zach, living and working in Berlin, was in my classes in the early ‘90s. My classroom stories about my Peace Corps experience contributed to her decision to become a PCV in Poland.

So without knowing each other, Stanislaus and Lizi have one thing in common — me, their former teacher.

They also turn out to have something else in common, and I believe it reflects how much of the world views our presidential campaign.

I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Here’s Lizi on Sarah Palin: “If this woman comes even close to the White House, if the Republicans win this year, I am so done. It will be time to go native: burn the passport and take up German citizenship.”

Here’s Stanislaus on Barack Obama: “As democrats, we all send Barack Obama our greetings and pray to God to guide him for the benefit of society and lasting peace in the world.”

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