Thursday, September 18, 2008

Misspelling snags "specs" visitors

Here’s the latest on the strange ways of search engines and Sarah Palin’s glasses.

Here and here, I’ve noted how hundreds of visitors came to the Red Electric after I wrote about Sarah’s specs.

I would have thought that, like Sarah herself, the novelty would have worn off by now.

Strangely I’m still getting a few dozen daily visitors seemingly fascinated by the governor’s rims.

Suspicious that something might be amiss in cyberspace, I checked my site meter’s source references. The listing tells me what’s bringing visitors to the Red Electric. In the past few days most of visits have resulted from a search of “Palen” (note the misspelling) and “glasses.”

That was curious so I searched “Palen” and "glasses” and found myself staring
at a Red Electric post’s headline “Palen (sic) glasses hunters swarm to web site" (see above).

I had inadvertently misspelled Palin’s name. Google searchers had too. One misspelling deserves another. If you search “Palen” and “glasses,” the Red Electric is at the top of the listing. For reader-hungry bloggers (I’m not one of them) that’s like being on top of the mountain.

I’ve fixed the headline now. My guess is that the visits will drop off significantly. But then with cyberspace you can never be sure. Besides, because this post is about “Palen,” I’ll tag it that way.

If you end up here by fluke, you might be interested in the post that started it all. It makes for interesting reading, if I do say so. Where else can you see the names "Dorothy Parker," "Marshall McLuhan" and "Sarah Palin" in the same paragraph?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An peculiar thing, Rick, re: Palin's specs, is her and their resemblance to an animated character. "King of the Hill" used to be on following The Simpsons (maybe still is). The wife of the main character is oddly just like Sarah Palin, with hairdo, facial features, and glasses. Anothing thing: the TV ads for "transition lenses" show women who look bland and white with glasses just like hers. They are just ugly and I turn off the ad immediately because I can't stand seeing or hearing the pitch. Joan Quinn

8:33 PM  

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