Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A gallery of “Nows”

Weary of the financial crisis, the drumbeat of campaign news, the latest depressing poll results from Joplin and Fargo, and the most recent indignant Internet tract purporting to drive a stake into the evil hearts of McCain and Palin, I strode around the Fairmount Boulevard loop on this brilliant Indian summer afternoon.

I walked the tree-canopied, three-plus miles with the city at my feet, a compact camera in hand and an Eckhart Tolle audio book murmuring in my ear, urging me to BE IN THE NOW.

I don’t know whether taking photographs gets me into the “now” or not. The “now” of composing, focusing and snapping seem eroded by the prospect of downloading, viewing, cropping and sharing.

That said, I came back with a few select “nows” for you.

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