Monday, September 22, 2008

Pandora's Juke Box on line

The Pandora musical web site is a music lover’s dream come true. Which probably means that it's probably everyone's dream come true.

But the dream is only possible if you bring it into your life. Allow me to share ....

I’m listening to jazz pianist Gene Harris on Pandora as I write this. Harris was a joy. (Sadly, he is “late” as an Alexander McCall Smith’s Botswanan character might say. I’ve written about Harris before. I even mark the Summer Solstice by listening to his outrageous version of Summertime.

Anyway, on Pandora I’ve created a “Gene Harris radio station” on my page. When it’s on, Pandora keeps doling out tunes that are either by Harris or in the style of Harris. The site gives me the chance vote a thumbs up or thumbs down on everything played and adjusts selections according to my votes.

Right now, the on-line “station” is playing Harris doing “Blues March.” I know most of Gene’s stuff but for some reason his version of “Blues March” had escaped me. With the click of a box, I just gave it a thumbs up so it will pop up randomly again.

One of the features I like most about Pandora is that it will introduce me to artists and tunes that are similar to those I have approved of before. For instance, Pandora has now followed “Blues March” with Tommy Flannigan playing “Quietude.” I was vaguely aware of Flannigan. Now I’m being acquainted with him and can opt to have his music cycle on to the “Gene Harris radio station.”

There’s a lot more on Pandora. For instance, it’s telling me that if I like Harris and Flannigan, I might also like Oscar Peterson, Red Garland, the Marcus Shelby Trio, Dave McKenna and the Billy Mays Trio. I know three of those five and I do indeed like them. Peterson, also “late,” was a monster pianist. I made an “Oscar Peterson radio station” on my Pandora page before I made one for Harris.

And so it goes.

So I recommend checking out Pandora and running your own musical tastes through its magic. If you are like me, you will be enchanted.

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