Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Umpqua Bank eyes Hillsdale for "store"

Portland-based Umpqua Bank is said to be giving serious consideration to opening a branch in Hillsdale.

Well, not exactly a branch, because Umpqua prefers to call its branches "stores."

Hillsdale's Umpqua "store" could end up where the abandoned Estby gas station is according to my source. The gas station is slated for demolition in the new year.

If Umpqua does open a branch in Hillsdale, it would join Key Bank and The Bank of America in the town center.

Umpqua's "store" concept is meant to differentiate its branches and give them a more "community feel."

An Umpqua outlet in Hillsdale would be the bank's fifth in Portland.

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Blogger ALT said...

I for one would not like to see yet another bank. We already have 3, counting the Wells Fargo kiosk. What with online banking and the such, why would we need another bank? They can try to make them look like stores, but a bank is a bank is a bank.

I don't have any ideas what could go there, but something really unique would be welcomed.

4:27 PM  

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