Friday, December 08, 2006

Red gets a new "header"

It took some doing but I finally got a new graphic header to appear in the size and shape I wanted it to be (see above).

In the (alas dying) newspaper trade, the equivalent to the "blog title header" is the "flag" at the top of the front page. And the "flag" is not to be confused with the "masthead," which is where you find the head honchos' names – publisher, executive editor, advertising manager etc.

In the blogosphere, instead of a masthead, you get a "profile" and probably a lot more information than you want to know.

Back to the new title header. What do you think? For starters, I'm open to technical consultation. For one thing, the thing is too "grainy." I'm still not sure I like the slanted "destination" line at the bottom, but let's live with it, at least until I can get the graininess problem fixed.

I made the image in Quark xPress and then "grabbed" it and converted it from tiff to jpeg. Something got lost along the way. Suggestions?

Also lost was the old standing description line about welcoming you aboard.

Hey, not to worry. I still do!


Blogger Eamon said...

I like the picture, Rick. Try making the biggest picture possible then reduce it to the size you need. Another thought, try saving the image as a .jpg or .png file.

4:32 PM  

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