Friday, December 08, 2006

"Red" meets The Multnomah Villager

My guess is that a few visitors to this site live in, or at least regularly visit, Multnomah Village. Those who do should check out The Multnomah Villager blog, written by Mark Myers.

Mark recently came across my mention of The Red Electric in my Southwest Community Connection column and was kind enough to bring The Red Electric to the attention of his readers.

The Villager has a kind of ambling, newsy feel to it. In his wanderings about The Village, Mark pops in here and there and reports on what he sees and hears. A visit to the site gives the reader a neighborly, anecdotal mix of informality and information.

I'm adding it to my links list for easy reference.


Blogger The Villager said...

My secret identity exposed! I was thinking of "outing" myself at Christmas, via a holiday card, although perhaps not by name....

Nice writeup! Thanks!

8:26 AM  

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