Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wilson grad makes WSJ with paper-saving program

Hayden Hamilton, 29, a Portland software developer who graduated from Wilson High School and whose family still lives in Hillsdale, made it big in today's Wall Street Journal.

Renowned tech reviewer Walter Mossberg reviewed Hamilton's GreenPrint program, which instructs printers not to print those little wasted end pages with one or two lines of non-essential information on them.

If the GreenPrint program, released in November, becomes widely used, whole forests might be preserved. The Portland Tribune, in a story about GreenPrint on Nov. 12, noted that it takes one tree to create 8,300 sheets of paper.

Indeed several environmental organizations have endorsed the product, which costs $25 now and will cost $35 after the holidays.

Hayden now lives across the river in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Robert Hamilton, Hayden's dad, says his son's company has been flooded with requests since Mossberg's favorable Journal review was published this morning.


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