Saturday, February 20, 2010

Working out the kinks, continued . . . .

It’s been a tough few days working the kinks out of the new iMac I bought at the Apple store during halftime of the Superbowl.

I think I’ve spent five hours with Apple tech support. I’ve come to know James and Doug, Burt and Bev. I have their numbers, they have mine. We are on a first name basis. We were from the start.

But after we clear up one problem, another crops up. I have five "case" numbers in Apple tech support's memory bank.

Right now, for the first time in my computer literacy, I’m writing on Apple’s very own “Pages” word processing program. I had been using my old 2004 Microsoft Office's Word, which I put through various upgrades after I got the new iMac.

It was still doing strange six-year-old things.

For instance, the Constant Contact program I use to put out my newsletter was was not formatting. It refused to cooperate with a 2010 computer trying to get by on a 2004 brain.

If I wanted to bump up a front size on CC's editing palette, nothing happened. Bold-face? No way. Ital? You must be kidding.

The Apple folks, who never kept me on hold — not once — and who spoke in good old Midwestern English, finally suggested I call Microsoft support.

I was put on hold with a message machine that repeated every 20 seconds (I am not exaggerating) that they were experiencing heavy call volumes and they thanked me for my patience — endlessly.

After ten minutes of this mantra, my appreciated patience ran out and I hung up.

I concluded that my upgraded 2004 version of Microsoft Word was the problem. I called the Apple store and they suggested that I try “Pages,” which is part of the Apple iWorks suite of applications.

I read several Microsoft Office versus iWorks entries on line. The reviewers seemed to give Office the edge but I kept thinking of James and Doug and Burt and Bev, and comparing them to Microsoft's “We are experiencing a heavy volume of etc.”

I bought iWorks, which cost about one-third what Office for Mac does.

So I'm writing these words with “Pages.”

We’ll see what happens when I go to post this ditty on Blogger. Will I still get the coding at the top of the post when I paste this? Will the metatags show up when I hit the “Publish Post” button.

Wish me well.

When this finally appears, I’ll let you know whether I made the right choice for decidedly the wrong reason.

I'm now in the Blogger program and there was no coding to delete at the top. A good sign. Here goes with the "Publish Post" button . . . .

Bingo. No metatags.

Thanks James and Doug and Burt and Bev. And Steve, as in Jobs.

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Blogger Eamon said...

I have a new iMac too yet have had no problems with Constant Contact. What browser are you using?

As for Office, the new iMac has an Intel processor. 2004 Office was not written for this processor. There is an emulation mode for pre-Intel programs but MS programs don't work as well as others. There is supposed to be a new Office coming out. I opted for OpenOffice which works pretty well.

6:23 PM  

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