Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting through

Wouldn’t you know that gremlins still haunt the data transferred from my old computer to my new iMac.

Some, it would seem, reside within this very blog program.

When I went to post “Reconnecting” last night, the Blogger program wouldn’t allow me to — you guessed it — reconnect. Instead I got a series of ominous warnings about Meta Tag coding that was standing between me and you.

I got rid of the tags and eventually got through to you. I find that not panicking helps in these transitional times.

This little post is mostly a test to see whether the problem is going to arise each time I try to post.

Thanks for your patience. This too shall pass . . . .

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Anonymous Walter Money said...

Just for your continued growth in this process, I found our NetOps guy googling issues I found in our network. While he is just a young guy, I find that most refreshing. His perspective in most situations is new to me, and I learn.
Hope this helps...

4:08 AM  

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