Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Ageless" is Shameless

The Oregonian tells us that we "honorary citizens" now have perfume to solve a problem we never knew we had.

According to a story in Saturday's edition, we reek of something more than wisdom. The purveyors of a smelly concoction called "Ageless” want us to believe we emit a senior stench.

To the creators of “Ageless” and their fear-mongering marketing managers, here’s a scent for you. It’s called "Shameless."

Its bottle is the shape of an accusatory finger.

“Ageless” sells for $120 a bottle. Such a deal.

The product and its advertising and PR campaigns are all examples of the common marketing ploy of making us afraid of ourselves (Too fat? Too thin? Too frizzy? Too old? Too uptight?) and then offering us overpriced products (prices inflated by PR/advertising) to allay the fake fears.

P.S. Shameful is The Oregonian story about “Ageless."

Headline: “Ah, the sweet smell of youth” Subhead: “Getting older stinks — literally. So here comes Ageless, a perfume that, olfactorily speaking, knocks a few years off”

Something smells all right, but it isn’t seniors. The story stinks. It perspires mightily trying to tie the perfume "solution" and some aging smell “problem” to science.

It’s a weak thread, as you will see if you read the story.

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Blogger krisr said...

Hi- I felt the same way you did but then I saw the science behind the smell of aging and it is real.
As women and men age, the body produces a chemical know as "noneal", which occurs as a result of the chemical breakdown of a fatty acid know as palmitoleic in the skin. This process breaks down into a form of an unsatured aildehype which emits an unpleasant greasy odor that experts say is the natural "body odor" scent of aging.This type of body odor is rarely present in people in their 20's and 30's, but can become quiet prominent around the age of 40. In a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology researchers found that women over the age of 40 have more than twice the levels of 2 -Nonenal in their skin than younger women. The same study found women over 40 having higher levels of Omega 7 and certain other lipids which, when broken down in the skin may contribute to a kind of "odor" commonly associated with older women and men.
Patent-pending Ageless Fantasy was engineered to make you smell younger. No other product available today offers this technology.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting! internet research shows the folks at AGELESS are on to something although others may not agree. There is an aging smell and people do smell old. Think nursing homes. It has to do with biochemistry

5:51 PM  
Anonymous nina perlina said...

you seem to have issues with the Oregonian! Did they fire you?
are yuou working for the competition?

5:53 PM  
Anonymous kathy said...

Rick, you are a true gentleman. You show two sides of the story and I am glad you are not censoring any comments and infact, allowing everyone to express their opinion. I salute you for this. Although, I see your point I do have to confess that I will be buying this product. If it allows me to feel good during these hard times then the price is worth it. My friend told me she found it uplifting.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Rick Seifert said...

When you get old, you look old, you sound old, you slow down, you may lose your hair and, sure, you smell old. Oh, and before you know it, you die.

So be it.

You can keep the "Ageless" and the fear-mongering. Just send me "birthday greetings, bottle of when .... when I get older,losing my hair .... "

Oh, and "Let it be."

9:25 PM  
Anonymous mike said...

I have an IBM Selectric and it works very well. Perhaps it could be humming if I "made it younger" Does Harvey Prince sell AGELESS oil I can use on my wheelwriter? LOL
better my typewriters look and smell younger than my wife!

9:35 PM  
Blogger Rick Seifert said...

If you have a pulse, you have issues with The Oregonian.

If you have a pulse, you have issues with me. I welcome that. It's good to know you are alive and kicking.

Life is full of issues. And joy, and disagreement and respect, and anger and forgiveness, and ignorance and learning.

Nina, I've never been fired anywhere. Well, that's not quite true. I founded and published a newspaper once, sold it, and, in effect, fired myself.

Twenty years ago, when I was teaching journalism at a local university, I did work one summer as a "faculty associate" on The Oregonian's editorial page. A fascinating, bizarre experience.

I still have friends at the paper and admire much of what they and their colleagues do.

But, you are right, I do have issues.

I hope you do too.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Hello guys, I don’t know what age you people belong to. But being a woman of 45 I know what’s the problem of body odour is. Ageless Fantasy works best for me & I happily to share it with all my friends.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous nina perlina said...

thanks Rick for your reply. I like your attitude. Yes,I have several issues. Most change daya to day like the AIG bonus and the current economic crisis. You have issues and you love playing with trains and typewriters. These are good issues. Andy Rooney on 60 minutes shares your hobbies. My issue is getting old and I take it seriously. Many people share my issues. I am also a "green revolution" person and I believe in alternate energy. Right now AGELESS anti age perfume give me energy and makes me "feel" and "smell" young. When did you last date? Problem with men like you is you are obsessed with your toys. Your mind is preoccupied excessively with typewriters and trains. I am a beauty addict. Rick, do you have a wife? do you have a life? Why are you so mad at the Oregonian? They are not mad at you! And, puhleece, let's leave AGELESS out of this. This is woman stuff. You should not get involved. Let us women have some fun.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Rick Seifert said...

If "Ageless" smells good and makes you happy and you don't go into credit card debt to plunk down $120 a bottle, I say, "Go for it!"

But don't buy it because the "Ageless" people have made you afraid of how you smell.

Next thing you know they will be telling us our flowers don't smell right and need some spraying.

(I'm a little worried about the reference to giving you energy. Are you drinking this stuff? Not a good idea.)

The boys-playing-with-trains-and-typewriters bit is a gambit but I'll go for it.

The blog's namesake train was a non-polluting form of transportation that the auto, oil, tire industries buried in the '20s. Now the electric trolley/train mode of transportation is being revived in an effort to wean us from the car and save the planet.

If that's "playing with trains," I plead guilty.

Typewriters are not toys but beautiful, mechanical "writers' machines." Today they have become icons for writing. "Playing with typewriters" was once called "writing."

In this computer age, I don't so much "play" with them as celebrate them for their place in literature and history.

Do I have a wife? Absolutely. Smells great too, "Ageless"ly!

Do I have a life? Like you wouldn't believe!

Mad at The Oregonian? Absurd. I've been trying to figure out how to get it (and other newspapers) off life support and nurse them to some kind of cyber-health. See my own non-profit effort at

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, unfortunately Ageless is made for women not for typewriters. Well, it doesn’t matter how your machine smells till it works perfectly. But would you feel the same for aged women you work with???
That’s why Ageless is priceless not worthless! LOL!

10:32 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Along with the flak you've attracted fans eager to excuse you for getting under their sweet-scented skin.
Numerous decades ago there was an early version of this you-stink scaremongering: an advert saying, "Someone's not using Amplex." As kids we held our noses and hooted our derision, "Yerks, someone is using Amplex."
Nowadays I open my arm pits to the wind, the wind and sunsine, the wind and rain, the wind and snow. It's natural, and it's free. I think it's effective, too, though along with all other human beings I don't have a great sense of smell.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Marlena678 said...

Rick, I appreciate your futuristic thought – “Next thing you know they will be telling us our flowers don't smell right and need some spraying.” Lol!

But you know this is exactly what I am feeling for some weeks & will eagerly go for a plant-perfume like this. Because I grow plants & sniff them so much that sometimes they don’t smell good at all. Am I snatching the fragrances all at once?

How far Ageless is concerned, trying the perfume wouldn’t be a bad idea. Because civilization is developing positively not degrading downward..... & I am happy to accept new things. What do you say?

3:18 AM  
Blogger Rick Seifert said...

This discussion has been interesting.

I'm coming to the conclusion that if you like the smell of this stuff and can afford it, go for it.

But don't buy it out of fear that there's something wrong with you an the way you smell.

The "shameless" I referred to is how "Ageless" is being marketed.

If you really want to feel good about yourself, first splash on "Acceptance." It's free and smells great!

4:41 AM  

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