Friday, March 13, 2009

A Sign of Ignorance — part 2

Two working weeks have passed since I phoned the "citizens' representative" at the Oregon Department of Transportation to complain about the "Sign of Ignorance" at the Capitol Highway turnoff from Barbur Boulevard.

Sometime last month, ODOT sign crews installed a new bike-on-shoulder warning sign squarely in front of the directional sign to Hillsdale.

I suspected their sloppy installation would take a while to undo.

After two weeks my suspicions are beginning to be confirmed.

If you want to join my little campaign, you can phone the "citizens' representative" to see just how well you are being represented. The number is (888) 275-6368 or go to ODOT web site.

Yes, I have other approaches I can take (Sen. Burdick and Rep. Nolan, are you there?), but I thought testing the obvious one might reveal whether the ODOT "citizens' representative" brings more to the job than the ODOT sign crews do.

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