Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another Palin prediction mit conspiracy theory

This from Lizi Zach in Berlin:

My friend Jim, former campaign strategist turned criminal defense lawyer (not much of a career change, but there you have it), just sent the following. It doesn't sound all that far-fetched:

I have been musing over why in the world McCain would have picked Palin knowing her baggage in advance (and then letting it trickle out).

I will make a prediction: She will tearfully decline to serve in the next couple of days, probably in her acceptance speech- blaming the terrible liberal media and bloggers who have attacked her family. She can admit she was a novice, could have done a great job and doesn’t want the campaign to get distracted over. She will urge her supporters to actively support McCain—this was all her idea—McCain urged her to stay the course—and to support his choice of VP—he picks his personal favorite, Lieberman with the blessing of the Right’s new darling.

The religious right is appeased, knowing he took a chance—and that it was all the fault of the usual bad people—not McCain.

I’m already seeing signs of this from conservative columnists and what I hear Pravda, er, Fox News is saying.

All scripted in advance- all facts known. The “liberal media” is at fault—and I’m sure somehow, the Obama campaign.

Thank you Karl Rove.

Sure hope I am wrong, but we have seen it before.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is my prediction. It will be McCain that will quit. Palin will be the one to stay.

5:29 PM  

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