Thursday, August 07, 2008

Timbers vs. Sounders: A lucrative rivalry

The Portland Timbers lost to their “arch-enemy,” the Seattle Sounders, tonight in what could be the last game of their “bitter rivalry.” Next season the Sounders move up from the United Soccer League’s First Division to Major League Soccer.

The bellicose quotes are courtesy of Boaz Herzog, Oregonian sports writer, who can write martial clichés with the best (or worst) of them.

While there were more than a few injuries and there was one ejection, no one actually died of wounds. The only person in danger of hooliganism injury was the roundly boo-ed ref for his quick-on-the-draw red carding.

At game’s end, the scoreboard read Timbers 0, Sounders 1, but the most significant tally was 12,332, the evening’s attendance, a record for the season. More than a few fans seemed to be commuter rooters from the north.

“Bitter rivalry”? I’d call it lucrative.

A passing note: the Timbers seemed to play better with 10 men on the field than with 11. Significantly, the one Sounder score came against Portland when they were at full numerical strength.

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