Friday, September 07, 2007

More on the Wild Oats store closure

The big news around here today is that Whole Foods, which now owns Wild Oats, has decided to close our Hillsdale store.

The store is the anchor of the Hillsdale Shopping Center and, really, of the whole Town Center.

I got a little insight into the Whole Foods corporate culture talking with store manager Robert Ostrochovsky. Robert, who has done great things with the store, could say nothing for the record. He referred me to one Denise Caruso, who is the regional PR person for Whole Foods. She was out of the office, according to the answering machine. She had four hours to get back to me and never did. If she ever does, I'll let you know what she knows, if anything.

Anyway, I've talked to several leaders in the Hillsdale community and have put together a story for The Hillsdale News. If you are interested om where all this might go from here (think Hillsdale Community Store), you might want to check out the site.

Since posting the story a half hour ago and sending it to those who have signed up to receive the Hillsdale News as an e-newsletter (you can do that on the web page), I've already received offers to help.

Whole Foods may have just done us all a big favor.

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