Sunday, September 02, 2007

Impeachment slogan baffles hundreds

If I was going to get the attention of a few hundred motorists at our Friday evening Hillsdale peace vigils, I decided I needed to freshen my message.

“Get out Now!” and “On to Plan B: Impeach” were getting stale.

So with very little thought and too much whimsy, I scrawled out:

“Impeachment: Sur La Table! Nancy”

Because I arrived at the busy corner of Capitol Highway and Sunset Boulevard early, before my fellow protesters, my new sign had no context.

There I was alone, waving a really weird sign.

Drivers who cared enough to notice seemed mildly perplexed.

What’s that? Some kind of shill for Sur La Table, the up-scale cooking utensil store in the Pearl District?

James Beard meets Robert’s Rules of Order?


Nancy who?

Thankfully, my fellow demonstrators soon arrived with their same-old, same-old, but lucid signs. "Support our troops. Bring them home!" and such.

Motorists began honking encouragement again.

I was about to give up on my sign when a woman behind the wheel gave me an expansive thumbs up along with a bumper-to-bumper smile.

Astonished, I pointed at the sign and looked at her quizzically — just to make sure she got it.

Yes, she nodded demonstratively. Two thumbs up. YES!

I continued to hoist the sign. Eventually two other drivers broadly shared their approval.

It was a stretch, but they got the reference to (just in case you didn’t) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. They knew that she had declared impeachment was “off the table,” and they understood the translation from the French to be “on the table.”

Yes, yes, and YES!

So it was fun while it lasted, but, let’s face it, it’s all too clever by half.

So what next?

I'm thinking, I'm thinking ....

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