Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Scary Test

Here is a scary test. Name the product associated with each of the above fonts.

If you need help, ask a child. Adults usually can name only four or five of the fonts, but children identify most of them, particularly those that belong to highly sugared food.

For both adults and children, the results are sobering because they tell us about what our children are learning and how it shapes their awareness.

In light of the results, who or what are the most persuasive and pervasive teachers in the lives of our children?

If the objects to be identified were leaves, could our children name the tree each leaf comes from?

Those of us who teach media literacy through Media Think sometimes use this exercise as part of our presentations. As the school year begins, consider inviting us to present to your school's PTA, or to your congregation or service club.

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Blogger becca said...

This reminded me of the logo of a performance art/experimental electronic music group called the Evolution Control Committee, originally from Columbus, Ohio (my home town). You may find them interesting http://evolution-control.com/

2:49 AM  

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