Monday, August 06, 2007

Outtakes from Issue #2 of the Hillsdale News

I'm giving a preview of issue #2 of the Hillsdale News for a couple reasons.

First, if you haven't visited the Hillsdale News site please do. If you are interested in Hillsdale, you might want to add your name to the subscription list so that issue #2 and subsequent issues of the e-newsletter come to your in-box.

Second, I wanted to share photos that I didn't have room for in the newsletter but which illustrate how beautiful our trails and community are.

The first two photos are from the story about Nicolai Woods. The story itself is at the end of this post (in italics).

The next two photos are of the new Stephens Creek Nature Park bridge, under construction and completed.

Both projects, it should be noted, result from neighborhood volunteer effort, one of our greatest riches in Hillsdale.

Finally, as a bonus, I'll throw in a photo of my scooter, which is becoming my principle mode of summer transportation. A poor man's convertible.

Here's the Hillsdale News (issue #2) story about Nicolai Woods.

Neighbors who banned together to preserve a parcel of wilderness next to their homes near Fairmont Boulevard have marked the accomplishment with a new sign.

Several neighbors (pictured here) and two staff members of the Three Rivers Land Conservancy installed the sign at the entrance to the newly named Nicolai Woods on August 2

The woods are named after neighbor and attorney Tom Nicolai, who donated his legal
expertise to put together the complex land deal. Thirteen families and individuals contributed $224,000 to buy the 1.6 acres abutting the north side of 18th Drive trail.

The trail, maintained by SW Trails, joins 18th Place with Fairmount Boulevard.

After the purchase, the neighbors donated the property to the conservancy. The deal closed last December. The Nicolai Woods group is enlisting other neighbors and trails volunteers to help maintain the property.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your scooter may be a poor man's covertible, but at least you are being greener about wanting to let your hair blow!

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