Monday, July 30, 2007

Where eyeballs gather, ads are sure to follow

Go Portland Toyotas!


You know, the soccer club that proudly wears Toyota jerseys.

But isn't Portland's soccer team the Timbers?

Not if the printed, stenciled word has meaning. The team jerseys clearly read "Toyota." Not a "Timber" in sight.

Now the NFL, which so far has avoided logo-branding teams after cars, beer, dish detergent or erectile dysfunction drugs, may require sports photographers to wear ad laden vests along the sidelines.

As reported by Commercial Alert, journalist associations and news outlets are protesting the move as an encroachment on their independence. (Imagine what the Bush White House could do with televised press briefings: Reporters forced to wear "Mission Accomplished!" or "Stay the Course!" vests)

Anyway, Commercial Alert is urging NFL fans to email NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to protest.

Why would they do that when they have already caved to the scoreboards and walls of stadiums (whose names have been sold off to the highest corporate bidders) being plastered with ads?

What next, logos for gambling casinos on umpires' uniforms? What are the odds?

And don't get me started on NASCAR....

Come to think of it, the Portland Toyotas are in tune with the times.

You can bank on it: Any place that attracts enough eye-balls becomes valuable commercial real estate. "Highest and best" use and all that.

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