Sunday, August 05, 2007

Typewriter winner found!

For some reason (still under investigation), Deb Wolff's e-mail informing me that she holds raffle ticket 266860 never reached me.

So add finding typewriter raffle ticket winners to the list of many bizarre occurrences that happen in the Hillsdale Farmer's Market each Sunday.

"I won the typewriter!" were the first words out of Deb's mouth when I ran into her at the market today.

No, she didn't have her stub with her but I have no reason to doubt her.

First, the farmers market is where everyone is honest (and, yes, "all the women are beautiful and the children are above average").

Second, I have been checking with likely winners among those I could remember who bought tickets at last Sunday's Hillsdale Benefit Book Sale. The winning number came early in the big wheel of tickets so I could focus on early ticket buyers. (I know, I should have asked purchasers to write phone numbers or e-mail addresses on the portion of the ticket in the drawing jar. Call it a rookie raffle organizer's mistake.)

So at next week's market, Deb will exchange her winning ticket for a great old portable Royal typewriter. Along with the typewriter, Deb also wins a certain caché: Hemingway used a Royal Quiet De Luxe just like it.

The raffle raised $93 for Hillsdale Alliance organizations, which include the farmers market, the schools, Neighborhood House and the neighborhood association, to name a few.

Congratulations, Deb!

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