Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can Hillsdale keep an anchor grocery store?

Just when I finally broke myself of calling the former Lynch's market "Wild Oats" instead of "Natures, "it is about to become "Whole Foods."

These adjustments become harder with age.

That said, the speculation has already begun over whether, and how, Hillsdale can keep an anchor grocery store.

Eamon Molloy, the Hillsdale Farmers' Market manager and an active Hillsdale resident, notes that the Hillsdale store space is much smaller than either Whole Foods or Wild Oats has built in the last eight years. It is likely too small for New Seasons as well, he says.

Unless there are major lands deals with the school district (something I favor), there simply isn't enough room in the shopping center for a store large enough to attraction any of the prime players.

Eamon suggests Eugene-based Market of Choice or a community-owned store, such as a co-op, might be the best way to go when the Wild Oats lease ends in 2010.

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Blogger Frank Dufay said...

Don't assume you have until the lease ends to find a replacement. The Wild Oats on SE Division closed up shop long ago despite the fact they had continuing lease agreements. You end up with a dark building/nuisance attractor while the property owner continues to get their lease payments.

In SE this situation led our neighborhood associations to support a zoning adjustment to allow a Gold's Gym to replace the shuttered Wild Oats Market. It's not exactly the use we wanted for this space, but it's better than an empty building.

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