Monday, February 19, 2007

A local link for little ones and their moms

Hillsdale neighbor Heather Hawkins has put up a helpful website for moms of pre-schoolers in Southwest Portland. It's called readysetmom and lists helpful tips and timely events.

A chance encounter with Heather at the Southwest Community Center this morning led us to talking about TV Turnoff Week, which is April 23 to 29. Last year several of us were able to raise its visibility in Southwest by putting up a student-painted "Jigsaw" sign in Hillsdale.

Anyway, Heather has alerted her readers to my plans for TV Turnoff participation in the Wilson High School Cluster schools this year. Let me know if your family or your child's school is interested in participating as I have organizing materials available. An organizer's CD loaded with information costs $10, but one free copy is available for each cluster school.

You can also get more information at

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