Sunday, December 31, 2006

The noose around our own necks

The execution of Saddam Hussein, like all executions (hangings, electrocutions, garrotings, burnings at the stake, crucifixions....), was morally depraved.

I do not believe that Saddam should have been put to death for his crimes any more than George W. Bush or Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld should be put to death for theirs, or you and I— fellow taxpayers and contributors to war, torture and massacre—should be put to death for our complicity.

Nor should we or others be executed for our addictive, war-causing reliance on oil from places like Iraq, or for our parts in the destruction of this planet.

We should not be condemned to death for electing or sustaining governments and leaders who opportunistically supported Saddam, even allowing him to be supplied with the poison gases he needed to commit mass murder.

Those who rejoice at Saddam’s death should consider the self-imposed executions of their own awareness, responsibility and compassion.

In many ways, we have placed a noose around our own necks.

The macabre, hate-filled celebration of capital punishment, or simply the mute acceptance of it, pushes us ever farther from peace.

Saddam Hussein’s execution will not advance the cause of peace, indeed, as we are already seeing, it is setting it back—unleashing more strife, death and hatred.

Hatred breeds hatred and war breeds war, as surely as love begets love and peace begets peace.

We must allow for redemption—our own and that of others, even that of a Saddam Hussein.

Only then can we save ourselves from self-destruction. Only then can we preserve life on this vibrant speck in space.

In this new year, let us, in the words of St. Francis, become instruments of peace...and love.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Daniel Ronan.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I was wondering if maybe we could do something as a community to say something about this war in Iraq on a big scale. We need to do something before people here feel completely powerless.

Any ideas?

Well, at Wilson I made a sign with 3000 tombstones with the title: U.S. Soldier Deaths in Iraq: 3000 Iraqis: Unknown Why?

It was taken down by the school administration because it wasn't approved, and for good reason. We had a sign up last year for the grim milestone of the 2000 soldier deaths in Iraq only because they were able to pass it as a Veteran's Day memorial. There is no holiday we can pass this off on, but possibly Martin Luther King Day maybe. I'm not sure.

I have to go into the main office tomorrow to talk with the Principal Sue Brent. It sickens me that we can't state a fact with a simple poster on the wall without people getting upset. It's reality and if you don't accept it there is never going to be a change in Iraq.

12:46 AM  

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