Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hillsdale's popular pizza of "easy virtue"

OK, for 100 points, this kind of pizza is the most popular at the Hillsdale Pizzicato.

What is Puttanesca!!!

When I arrived to pick up my pizza order, no one was in line, and the friendly young clerk was chatty, so I asked about the best seller.

Blam, like that, she says, “Puttanesca!” Nothing comes close.

Turns out I joined the Hillsdale Puttanesca craze when I placed my order – for a large to feed out-of-town Christmas visitors.

Next time you place your Puttanesca order, keep in mind that you are also buying a prostitute. Or, as they say in polite company, "a woman of easy virtue."

No kidding. This pizza has a history.

Check it out here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And while we're talking pizza, don't miss out on:
...unless they are out of dough, in which case they simply close the place for the night!

6:04 PM  

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