Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New energy for the Farmers Market

Anyone who patronizes the Hillsdale Farmers Market has felt the energy–the food energy and community energy.

But another kind of energy is coming into play as some of us plan a sheltering plaza for the year-round market. To be built on
the present site,

Photo courtesy Yves Rubin
the new home would be permanent and partially covered, providing shade in the summer and warm in the winter. It would also have restrooms and a storage facility. When not being used for the market, it would serve as a partially covered parking lot.

It's that new kind of energy that might be a key ingredient to financing the construction.

Think solar energy.

As envisioned now, the market would be a series of handsome shelters with solar-panel roofs whose electricity would be metered and fed into the electrical grid.

Imagine: a market that produces energy from community connections, local agriculture…and solar power.

Imagine “The Hillsdale Solar Farmers Market.”

In February, those of us working on the project will hold two public meetings smack in the middle of the market to invite community comment on this and other ideas about the market's site.

Bring your own energy to the discussion then.

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