Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Valuing Portland: Can you relate?

From my big visionPDX binder with all its hundreds of responses about the future of the city, I've retrieved a few comments about Portland.

Those of you who filled out the questionnaire last summer and fall, may recall a question about what you value about Portland.

Here's what one person wrote. Can you relate?

No, really, can you? Will you? Comments please!

I value that people wait for the crosswalk to say “walk” before they cross.

I value that people thank the bus driver for the ride when they get off the bus.

I value bike traffic in the morning.

I value the parks and the access to nature, the water and the woods for myself and my dog.

I value the arts and culture and local food and beer and wine.

I value running into people I know on the street.

I value a big downtown university.

I value crossing a river on a historic bridge everyday.

I value farmers markets and beer festivals and salsa dancing under the bridge.

I value the diversity I find—the hipsters and punks and businessmen, gays and straights, newcomers and fifth generation Oregonians, all on the same streets in the same neighborhoods.

I value cops on bikes…..



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