Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making the Madison-Cairo-Scarsdale Connection

Labor supporters and protesters in Wisconsin and Ohio are merely nibbling around the edges of a huge national problem that goes way, way beyond collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Make no mistake: Madison is not Cairo. Not yet.

Right-wing governors and politicians are simply the most visible agents of a socially refined, educated, super-wealthy elite, who live in luxury, isolation and privilege. They and their paid retainers (lawyers, lobbyists, public relations agents, politicians) are the cause of our demise and remain barriers to the salvation of the nation, the world community and a sustainable environment.

As a class, they buy off legislators, they manipulate money markets, they shelter their fortunes from taxes, they control the “justice” system, they export jobs, they feed an insatiable military-industrial complex (in the name of “defense”), they control the media and its mind-twisting, diverting messages, and, yes, they happily bust unions.

Until protest is about equity and justice and is taken to the streets of Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Scarsdale, Newport, Grosse Pointe, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and Atherton, it will be lame, misdirected and ineffective.

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