Saturday, February 05, 2011

Kiwis in America

My niece, Sophie, and her boyfriend, Adam, are traveling around the States and blogging about their discoveries. As New Zealanders, they often find themselves strangers in a strange land.

Think of their blog, "Back in 5," as combination free-wheeling travelogue and de Tocqueville lite.

Adam is a photographer. A professional chef, he often photographs food — deliciously.

Sophie provides the narrative and is featured in many photographs. She has done stints as a model and it shows in many of Adam's portraits of her.

Above she is in a California Costco, overwhelmed by the hugeness of it all. To the left, you can barely see her amid the Redwoods.

They are headed to Europe after their time here. Consider joining them — on-line. They're a trip!

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