Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Foul Deeds: Dog owners who drop their bags

As I stroll through our neighborhood I frequently confront the grim choice of whether I should pick up discarded plastic-bagged dog crap.

I mean really!

It happened again today. The fist-sized, misted bag next to the sidewalk.

Clearly some dog owners are missing the point. Perhaps one or two will read on.

The rest of you are excused.

Coming across these discarded bulging bags is nearly as bad as stepping in dog shit itself.

What could these dog owners be thinking?

I know that carrying dog shit in a plastic bag for a few blocks in full view of one’s neighbors is no one’s idea of being cool. But let’s face it, that little bundle of dog dung belongs to you, dear dog owner, not me.

Do you think that I’m going to be impressed that you have done the reverse-baggie grab and bag, only to leave the bundle for others to pick up? Talk about half-assed.

Leaving bag-sealed crap behind makes you a litterer most foul.

If you’d left the crap unbagged, at least the rain would flush it away. Bagged but discarded, the dog doo is there to stay until some good Samaritan begrudgingly picks it up and gingerly totes it home.

Come on people. If you are going to own a dog, you have to go the whole nine yards and pack the crap back to your own house.


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Anonymous Jay T. said...

What does a dog walker show when the crap gets bagged, but not disposed? Dexterity superior to dogs, but moral equality with them?

8:30 PM  

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