Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your Gift

Yesterday, I wished a young friend Merry Christmas, and then surprised myself by writing, “YOU are a gift.”

I hope she didn’t think me presumptuous. The feeling just came over me, and it wasn’t just about her.

We all are gifts.

Imagine if instead of opening presents during this madcap season, we simply opened ourselves to each other—as gifts. As precious, fleeting, unique gifts.

If we received each other as gifts, we'd see more clearly what we are giving and receiving.

What gifts are we to our families, friends, colleagues and communities — to the world? What gifts are they all to us?

So Merry Christmas, friend.

You are a gift.

That's your gift.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post! if we all adopted this perception of what a gift truly is ... the "holiday blues" would become obsolete. Happy Holidays, Julia (pink royal)

8:24 PM  

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