Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bring on the enemy

Somebody at Portland State needs to clue in Viking football coach Jerry Glanville that his team is not an army, the game is not a war, and the other side is not “the enemy.”

A recent Oregonian story notes Glanville’s advice to freshman starters: “….the enemy doesn't care that this is your first college game.”

The world has enough enemies without Glanville creating more for Portland State.

Two and a half years ago, I wrote about Glanville's twisted rhetoric. In that post, I noted at least one PSU grad shared my view and I quoted him at length.

Glanville hasn't changed over time. Sadly, he is typical of the battleground atmosphere that surrounds collegiate football. And here we thought that college might have something to do with being collegial. That includes inter-collegial.

Glanville’s field-marshal posturing is part of the same violent atmosphere in which LeGarrette Blount slugged a Boise State player in the face following the Ducks' season-opener loss.

In collegiate football, a Glanville keeps his “teaching” job, while Blount keeps his “athletic scholarship.” (The only thing Blount should be keeping is a date before the judge on assault charges.)

It’s all part of the misguided, testosterone-fueled, media-hype madness that still dubs the rivalry between UO and OSU “The Civil War.” (Yes, dear Ducks and Beavers, I'm not letting go of this one.)

And here’s the strange part: Our most highly educated citizens, college graduates, buy into the craziness — wallets wide open. Bring on the season tickets, the car pennants, the pom-pons, the logo-laden paraphernalia.

And, at PSU, bring on the enemy! Let the blood flow.

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