Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Healthcare reform worthy of Kennedy's name

I’m sure a few thousand have already suggested that new health reform legislation be named for Senator Ted Kennedy. Fixing our broken healthcare system was his passion.

One condition: name it for Kennedy only if the legislation is worthy of his name and truly reforms the system down to its bones.

If it is simply a sop, forget it. Name it "Blue Dog."

Memo to Jack Ohman at the Oregonian: An editorial cartoon came to me about Kennedy this morning. There he is in the clouds with Bobby and Jack. The three are playing touch football, just as they did when they were kids.

Jack and Teddy are huddling, and Bobby is lined up on defense.

Jack, the quarterback, calls the play for his youngest brother.

The caption reads “Go long.”

As we know, he did.

Optional caption for Catholics: “Hail Mary!”

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Anonymous bblackvt said...

…like we’ve all been saying, it’s not a good proposition. Look at Canada and all other countries that have this type of health reform…it’s not beneficial to folks who truly need good and quick health attention.

2:06 PM  

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