Sunday, March 01, 2009

Are we being taken for a $8.24 bus ride?

If you can believe TriMet's figures, it costs the transit agency $8.24 per rider to run the #55 Hamilton bus line, which serves Bridlemile and Hillsdale. TriMet could hire taxis to ferry riders to and from downtown for that. If the riders double up, TriMet might even save money using cabs.

Okey, all those cabs might pollute more, but they would employ more drivers.

Something is fishy about this whole TriMet financial mess. I hope hearings about the proposed service cuts shed some light on the workings of TriMet.

See the Hillsdale News for more about the #55 and other proposed cuts in local service.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that taxi drivers make that much money, especially compared to TriMet operators and generally don't get the health, retirement, vacation, etc benefits that operators do. And I don't think the operators' union would like money going to other-than-good-paying jobs.

In addition, I believe the TriMet costs include money spent moving the buses to/from the garage or other lines; taxis may or may not have to drive a ways to get another customer.

Overall, it would be best if the bus had more ridership, so the costs of running it could be spread among more people.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Al M said...

JM might be right on those issues but from a transit riders perspective, why don' y'all just car pool using taxi services?

10:14 AM  

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