Monday, January 26, 2009

Recalling Sam

I’ve talked to more than a dozen folks about where they stand on Sam Adams’ decision to tough it out as mayor.

As messy and time consuming as a recall will be, I believe that we need a referendum, a recall vote, on the Adams’ mayoralty.

Adams needs legitimacy, if voters are willing to give it.

Personally, I think Portland deserves and can produce far better leadership than Adams can offer. The guy is damaged goods, and deservedly,

My dealings with the mayor have been “small potatoes” compared to recent revelations, but in every instance they have left me with the feeling that Adams isn’t what the therapists call “grounded.” Sam is out to advance Sam, not the general welfare.

Exhibit A: The lies that have called his very integrity into question.

I voted for him because there simply was no viable alternative.

Now I believe we need to be rid of Sam, find solid leadership and move on from this unfortunate, sordid experience.

Bring on the recall.

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