Thursday, January 15, 2009

An academic question: Is the inauguration "relevant"?

Today PCC Sylvania's president, Linda Gerber, backed off her exuberance about a campus celebration of the Obama inauguration next Tuesday.

Seems that I wasn't alone in wondering how to make the festivities relevant to beginning drawing, advanced calculus or transmission repair.

Gerber is now saying that Tuesday will be "business as usual" on the campus — well, sort of.

You be the judge. Here's what the campus president had to say today about how students and faculty should, or could, approach Tuesday's events. I've bold-faced the relevant sections:

Sylvania Campus,

I’ve received several questions about the events that ASPCC has planned for January 20 to celebrate the presidential inauguration. Foremost among these is whether it is appropriate to close offices or to cancel classes. My previous e-mail was not clear on that point.

ASPCC students have planned numerous activities on inauguration day and, since the inauguration is occurring on the same day that the campus would typically celebrate Martin Luther King Day, they have merged the two events. As with all ASPCC events to which the entire campus is invited, faculty and staff involvement is encouraged, but in no way mandatory.

Please be aware that the college, and Sylvania campus, will be open for “business as usual” throughout the day on January 20. Faculty are welcome to have their classes attend any of the events, if the event topic supports the course curriculum. Departments and offices should ensure that there is appropriate and adequate coverage so that our students and community are served as usual.

Thank you,

Linda Gerber, Ed.D.
President, Sylvania Campus
Portland Community College

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