Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Get a Life" Band to strut at Obama's big parade

I'm running the following story in The Hillsdale News, to be published next Monday, but, let's face it, it's just too big to wait until then.

Prepare yourselves for a shock as you watch the big inaugural parade in the nation’s capital on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

Hey, isn’t that? Could it be…?

Yes, it is!


It's The "Get a Life Marching Band"!

The local, fun-loving fixture at the Multnomah Day’s Parade and other strange events in “Weird City” has been invited to, well, join the parade. This is indeed "change we can believe in."

Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen, captain of the band’s famed, somewhat-high-stepping baton twirling unit, reports the band is pumped for the celebratory parade.

The band has performed mostly in parades in Oregon and southwest Washington. But it has also marched in San Antonio several times, inexplicably, and strutted its stuff at Disneyland and Disney World, and the Tampa Gasperilla Parade.

Next stop after the inauguration will be the San Francisco for Chinese New Years parade in Feb 2009.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks, Rick for the tribute to the band. The memory of the expressions on the Obamas' faces - pure joy and amusement - is the priceless souvenir I will never misplace. Our new president will need some laughter and levity in his life in the face of immense challenges.

Though we all came back with a "new attitude" (Another tune we should pick up?)and better line formations under military supervision in DC, I know we will remain the same wacky,
crowd-loving bunch always up for a celebration.

Margie Boule's 1/27 account of our antics described a parade audience of nothing but police, army, and secret service people by the time we started. Actually there were streaks of faithful folks running back and forth on the bleachers for maximum viewing - the fun-loving kind like us don't want the party to end. In fact at the end they begged us to step out and join us at a local DC pub, but we could not do that. Come hear our stories and our tunes Friday 1/30 7-10 at the Hawthorne Burgerville!

9:14 AM  

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