Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 11 after the Burlingame-Terwilliger landslide

The devastation caused by the Oct. 8 slide between Burlingame Place and Terwilliger Parkway is sinking in.

The City had the wisdom to step up and stabilize the area instead of shoving the responsibility on to the slide's victims. The beleaguered, displaced families were simply unable to assume that additional burden.

The streets remain closed. Thousands of commuters are being detoured around Terwilliger.

The seven affected families now know that insurance policies don't cover the damage. The losses will be in the millions.

Neighbors have stepped up to help. One of the first things they did was establish a web site that leads to other sites dedicated to helping individual families.

I've taken the photo from the main web site page and posted it here because it graphically puts the names on the losses.

The local press is doing a good job of covering the slide and its aftermath. I'm planning to augment that reporting where needed in the on-line The Hillsdale News.

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