Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wake me up in November

The malaise of this election year is setting in and it is only August.

“War room strategists,” “Attack ads,” “Taking the gloves off,” “Hitting below the belt/shooting from the hip/dealing from the bottom of the deck/playing race cards” etc.

Would someone please remind the “strategists” that the economy has tanked, millions are without health coverage and living-wage jobs, the schools are a wreck (or, worse, irrelevant), bridges are collapsing, people are losing their homes, the planet is coming to a boil, greed rules the ruling class and we are still fighting two wars.

End of rant.

Listen, I know this is terrible to say, but just wake me up when it’s time to vote.

Meanwhile, in my dreams I may luck on to a better world.

Even without dreaming, I know it would be governed by better instincts (compassion, civility and forgiveness, for starters) and by innate intelligence.

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