Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reinhard on Russert

It isn’t often that Oregonian columnist David Reinhard and I are on the same planet in terms of our beliefs. Mind you I know David, and despite his opinions, which seem to channel some backroom Republican Party Talking Points operation, I like the guy.

On those rare occasions when we get together (I have invited him to my journalism classes from time to time) we have even surprised each other by agreeing. And when we disagree we do it agreeably, which amazes many students.

So I was surprised to read in today’s Oregonian David’s sharing some of my views about the late and much celebrated Tim Russert. David and I agree that Russert was a nice guy and a solid journalist, but in death he has been mourned to excess — mostly as a celebrity. Celebrities as, as someone wisely put it, are those who are famous for being famous.

The over-the-top publicity about Russert's death cheapens journalism and Russert's deeds.

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